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Adult Dyslexia Test

Full, Professional Adult Dyslexia Screening Online, from Home or anywhere! A complete dyslexic test!

One person in every 10 has some type or types of dyslexia. 95% of adults with dyslexia are unaware of their condition. Could you be one?

Adult Dyslexia TestThe first full Internet performance based dyslexia test for adults is now available. It's a home dyslexia test that you can take over the Internet, in the privacy of your own home or office; anywhere you have computer access to the Net.

This complete dyslexia test is fully-accredited, the ONLY screening test endorsed by the Dyslexia Institute. It takes about half an hour to take the test.

This enables anyone, 16 years or older, to find out right away if they have any indications of any of the various different types of dyslexia!

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