Dyslexia Test



 Am I Dyslexic?

Why not take a free dyslexia test for screening and find out?


 home dyslexia test

There are many ways to determine if you might be or are dyslexic. One good place to start is with the simple 20 question self assessment test that you can see and take by clicking on the "Am I Dyslexic" link below:

 adult dyslexia test


Have a pencil and paper ready. There are 20 questions, to be answered "Yes" or "No". Start at the top. Don't look at the answer table below until after you have answered all the questions.

Then just answer the questions. Write down your answers (either Yes or No) beside the number of the question on your paper. When you finish, grade yourself using the answer table below.

Ready? Got your pencil and paper ready? O.K. Now click on the link below.


Am I dyslexic?



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